1. Pongamia genetics and genomics

  1. Trait definition and arboretum collection
  2. Illumina deep-sequencing database
  3. Pongamia transcriptome database
  4. Pongamia gene discovery
  5. Pongamia gene expression analysis
  6. Pongamia molecular markers (ISSR/SSR)
  7. Pongamia seed storage protein genes
  8. Pongamia sexual hybridisation
  9. Pongamia VIGS (Virus induced gene silencing)
  10. Pongamia nodulation and nitrogen fixation

2. Pongamia cell culture and transformation

  1. In vitro organogenesis/embryogenesis
  2. Hairy root transformation with Agrobacterium_rhizogenes
  3. Stable transformation
  4. Pongamia clonal propagation (rooted cuttings/grafting/tissue and organ culture)

3. Pongamia eco-climatic growth analysis

Immature seeds at Gatton (15 months old Pongamia).

  1. Field trials and industrial collaboration
  2. Life cycle and growth analysis of Pongamia (Gatton)
  3. Pongamia oil and seed protein analysis
  4. Selection of superior Pongamia germplasm for optimal regional adaption
  5. Techno-economic analysis of Pongamia-derived aviation biofuel

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