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2015 Moggill Market award

APRIL PAPER OF THE MONTH - Rhizobial and mycorrhizal symbioses in Lotus japonicus require lectin nucleotide phosphohydrolase, which acts upstream of calcium signaling.

APRIL PAPER OF THE MONTH - The contrasting need for food and biofuel: Can we afford biofuel?

ARC Linkage Grant Pongamia Success

  To conduct research on the utility for rehabilitation, stabilisation and sustainability of the biofuel feedstock legume tree Pongamia pinnata and nutrient flow associated with its nitrogen fixation potential on coal mine ta...

AUGUST PAPER OF THE MONTH - Early allopolyploid evolution in the post-Neolithic Brassica napus oilseed genome

AUGUST PAPER OF THE MONTH - Identifying genetic diversity of avirulence genes in Leptosphaeris maculans using whole genome sequencing

Biofuel Tree Project Discovers Indigenous Partners

University of Queensland researchers have planted five hectares of Pongamia trees at Hope Vale, north Queensland in a bid to create a commercially viable plantation for sustainable regional development and biofuel production in northern Australia.

Centre Awards

Congratulations are extended to: Dr Meng-Han Lin was awarded his PhD on 11 July 2013 Thesis title: Characterising the inhibition of legume nodulation by low pH conditions Supervisors: Prof Peter Gresshoff and Dr Brett ...


Congratulations to April Hastwell for being awarded the prestigious Molly Butz-Olsen Fellowship.  The three year award was given to April by the Fellowship Fund Inc., a division of Graduate Women Queensland, based on her PhD wo...

Congratulations to Dr Brett Ferguson!

  Congratulations to Dr Brett Ferguson and Professor Peter Gresshoff of the Centre for Integrative Legume Research on being awarded $83,500 from the Hermon Slade Foundation. The funding will be used to isolate novel CLE peptide hormon...

DECEMBER PAPER OF THE MONTH - Isolation and characterization of Circadian Clock Genes in the Biofuel Plant Pongamia (Millettia pinnata)

FEBRUARY PAPER OF THE MONTH - High-resolution molecular karyotyping uncovers pairing between ancestrally related Brassica chromosomes

FEBRUARY PAPER OF THE MONTH - Systemic Regulation of Soybean Nodulation by Acidic Growth Conditions

Future Fuel - As fossil fuels fade biofuels are set to boom as we seek a better future

JANUARY PAPER OF THE MONTH - Capturing the Biofuel Wellhead and Powerhouse: The Chloroplast and Mitochondrial Genomes of the Leguminous Feedstock Tree Pongamia pinnata

JANUARY PAPER OF THE MONTH - Genetic and genomic analysis of the tree legume Pongamia pinnata as a feedstock for biofuels

JANUARY PAPER OF THE MONTH - Soybean miR172c targets the repressive AP2 transcription factor NNC1 to activate ENOD40 expression and regulate nodule initiation

July Paper of the Month

JULY PAPER OF THE MONTH - Systemic signalling in legume nodulation: nodule formation and its regulation

JULY PAPER OF THE MONTH - The soybean (Glycine max) nodulation-suppressive CLE peptide, GmRIC1, functions interspecifically in common white bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), but not in a supernodulating line mutated in the receptor PvNARK

July Paper of the Month: Genetic, Biochemical, and Morphological Diversity of the Legume Biofuel Tree Pongamia pinnata

JUNE PAPER OF THE MONTH - New insight into soybean nodulation signals published in Plant Biotechnology Journal

JUNE PAPER OF THE MONTH - Second-generation sequencing for gene discovery in the Brassicaceae

JUNE PAPER OF THE MONTH - Transcriptome profiling of the shoot and root tips of S562L, a soybean GmCLAVATA 1A mutant

MARCH PAPER OF THE MONTH - Accessing complex crop genomes with next-generation sequencing.

MARCH PAPER OF THE MONTH - Nodulation in the legume biofuel feedstock tree Pongamia pinnata

MAY PAPER OF THE MONTH - SNP markers-based map construction and genome-wide linkage analysis in Brassica napus

MAY PAPER OF THE MONTH - Structure-function analysis of the GmRIC1 signal peptide and CLE domain required for nodulation control in soybean

MAY PAPER OF THE MONTH Gresshoff, P.M. (2015) Modern biology analysis of the legume tree Pongamia pinnata as a sustainable biofuel source. Legume Perspectives 6: 25-28.

NOVEMBER PAPER OF THE MONTH - Genetic and physical mapping of flowering time loci in canola (Brassica napus L.)

NOVEMBER PAPER OF THE MONTH - The value of biodiversity in legume symbiotic fixation and nodulation for biofuel and food production

OCTOBER PAPER OF THE MONTH - Analyzing the soybean transcriptome during autoregulation of mycorrhization identifies the transcription factors GmNF-YA1a/b as positive regulators of arbuscular mycorrhization

OCTOBER PAPER OF THE MONTH - Mechanistic action of gibberellins in legume nodulation

October Paper of the Month: Transient Nod factor-dependent gene expression in the nodulation-competent zone of soybean (Glycine max [L.] Merr.) roots


      Prof Peter Gresshoff recently returned from presenting at the PAG Conference in San Diego (USA) along with Mrs Alina Toll...

Recent Centre graduates receive the Dean's Award for Research Higher Degree Excellence

Congratulations are extended to the following CILR graduates:

Recent visitors from Spain

SEPTEMBER PAPER OF THE MONTH - Advances in the identification of novel factors required in soybean nodulation, a process critical to sustainable agriculture and food security.

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